Importing TBS swf's into Flash MX 2004

When I import TBS swf files with an audio track into Flash MX 2004, the audio portion does not work (no sound). The swf file plays correctly when invoking Flash Player. I have had to import the audio file (mp3) directly into Flash MX 2004 & use it on a separate layer. What can I do to remedy this situation?

Another thing is that I have to import the TBS swf file “to the stage” & not to the Library. Why can’t I import the TBS swf to the Flash Library?

Mike Carrel

It pisses me off to no end that we have to come up with these answers on our own. cut the ToonboomStudioImporterPugin.dll from the program files\macromedia\flash mx 2004\ first run\ importers and then back arrow out until you get to \flash mx 2004 and paste it, then start up flash then try and import a toon boom file and all should be well. hope this helped you. take care. Eric