Importing tbs files from usb thumb drive

At home I loaded up the tbs 5 project, (92+MBs). At worksite I want to load the work completed at home onto work computer. I open the only folder on thumb drive, folder: 002.tbpd, which I copied from my home computer. I changed 4 scenes at home.

How do I copy these files to the work computer?

Problem: I cannot find the scenes as they were created. For instance I can see folders for scene 1, 2, 3 etc., within the folder with the project label. However I can’t see the sub scenes that I created: scene 3. 2 and 3.3. My solution is to import the whole folder.

NOTE: I work with a Mac at home and a PC at work.

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Absolutely anytime you go from one computer to another, you MUST copy the entire directory. You cannot remove anything from the project directory or your project won’t work properly anymore. Just remember to copy the topmost folder (or the entire .tbpd on Mac) and that’s all you need to know.


My project called “Project001”. I create 3 scenes within this project. My project structure will look like this:

Project001(main project folder)
>Scene-001(scene folder)
>Scene-002(scene folder)
>Scene-003(scene folder)
Project001.tbp (actual TBS project file)

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Thanks for reply–here’s my situation.

I originally put 2 project folder onto my thumb drive loaded from my Work Computer. Project folder one was Scene 1. Project folder two contained all the rest of the scenes, about 12-15.

I then created a Toon Boom Projects folder on my Home-Drive’s external drive and loaded Project folder one there: Scene1=bkgrnd.

I then loaded Project folder two: Sequence 002, which contains all of the different scenes up to now (from scene 2 onwards). However when I dragged the folder from the usb stick onto the hard drive the Toon Boom Projects folder opened quickly and before I knew it the Project folder two icon was loading into Project folder one. Oh no. However that is fine I think, as I have been working on it for awhile, many changes, etc.

Will I need to load now the TOON Boom Projects folder (the one I created at home) onto the work computer for the whole thing to work?


You shouldn’t HAVE to, as long as the TBS project folder is in tact. But it might be a good idea to have a folder on all three named the same: home computer, work computer and thumb drive, so that you know exactly where to copy everything. It might also be a good idea to have a “backup” folder within this folder where you can store the previous version, in case you have problems with the copying.

Another thing you could try to do, to save a bit of headache is to Open the project from the software and choose the Save As function to save it locally. This might be easier than manually copying and pasting folders. This way when you’re done on your home computer, for example, you could simply Save your work, then choose Save As and save it onto your thumb drive. This would guarantee that all your project elements would be included. I would probably tend to work this way, especially since leaving behind a file or folder from a project could result in lost drawings.

If my answers aren’t clear, you could try contacting with your issues.

Let me know how it goes.