importing swf line

I’m having major problems importing swf’s. If I have a charachter with line art as an outline, only some of the fill colors of the charachter is imported and none of the outline. So instead of a charachter I’m left with only eyes and a couple of hands.

I’f I change the outline to fills in flash, everything is ok. My problem is that I have about 30 charachters and it’ll be a lot of work to convert everything to fills.

I’ve been checking around, to no avail, because I have the opposite issue. I use SwishMax 2 and when I try to import a file into this, I get the FILL color and NOT the line art, imported.

For example, I have this swf that drops a logo (made of letters) downward, and at the bottom, a drop shadow increases in size as the logo drops lower. I import that to Animate and I get a RED BLOCK dropping down, instead of the logo, but the drop shadow and motion path remain as they should. This does NOT happen in TBS4.5 though. In TBS4.5 all my SWF files do what they’re supposed to do. I thought it was incompatibility with SWF files I created in Swish but it’s not, it’s Animate.

If you find the reason for this, please give me hints :-[

It could be that you are using fonts in the swf which Animate can’t deal with since there is no fonts in Animate. If this is the case you would have to convert your fonts into normal lines before you import them.

Swf have to be version 6 not later. You could check that also.

ah! Thank you very much. I have my settings on Version 8 of SWF on export from Swish and when change it to 6, all is smooth. I also have since stop using letters (I do use funky fonts lol), rather converted the letters to shapes instead. Works like a charm now. Thanks.