Importing Swf Issues

I’ve tried every way to import swfs and continue to have problems.

I’m publishing them at Flash 5/Flash 6, ActionScript 1 (no perceptible difference), but:

1. I’m losing frames
2. the artwork/drawings move to different layers at every move
3. AND they re-order themselves at side view.

I’m happy to say working exclusively in Animate Pro has become a wonderful (hard-earned :)) experience, but I have a significant library of swfs to import and can’t possibly charge clients for the ridiculous amount of correction involved.

I’m importing swfs that run about 1000 or so frames. They’re set at 24 fps. Some were created in nested scenes.

Can you give me some kind of idea of whether this is just going to be the experience? On several, I could have re-animated the scene for the amount of time I spent making adjustments.

Thanks so much.

Are you using ActionScript in your animation?

Toon Boom products don’t support ActionScript, so anything that was created with ActionScript will be ignored during import. This could cause all of the problems that you are reporting. Also, we don’t support the layers from flash, so this will explain the layers importing differently each time.

Unfortunately there’s nothing that we can do to simplify this process for you at this time. It would require reworking of your scene either on the flash end or (more likely) on the Animate end. It might simply be faster for you to reanimate some of the scenes depending on their length.

Toon Boom Support

Thanks. For the benefit of anyone else searching this (vs. searching for exporting swfs) …

I used no action script at all.

I appreciate your reply and will make head/brain adjustments first, but I am a little interested in the ‘why’ of no layers from flash being supported. It’s nearly impossible to generate a flash movie without layers; what then is the real compatibility between the two?

I already understand that characters drawn in Flash are an easy import, but don’t know why anyone would bother since, once you calibrate your pen, it’s easy enough to draw in Animate.

… Thanks for clearing this up. :slight_smile: