importing.swf file problem.

I get the following error message when importing a .swf file.

'Following errors occured during insertion:
1- the file X.swf is na invalid flash file or it is protected.'

How I got into this mess: I had previously been working on a file in toonboom when I had to close the program. When I reopened the file later I found that I had lost a great chunk of what I had been working on.

Oh well I thought I will have just have to redo it. Then I rememberd that you are able to import .swf files into toonboom, and as I had saved a quicktime version proir to me loosing my stuff, so I imported the quicktime file in flash and exported it as .swf file.

Great I thought all I have to now is to import the .swf file into toonboom
and I should get all my stuff back. But no I get the message above.
Now I know I should be able to this as I have done it before.
Anyone got any ideas or perhaps I’ll just have to redo the work.
Cheers. ???

Hi Robbie,

This might simply be related to the fact that put a lock on the file when you exported it from SWF. You can remove the lock that prevent the file to be imported through the publish settings.

If you want to make the test you probably won’t be able to import that very same file inside of Flash.

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I, too, am having the same problem. I’m trying to bring in a video track that I have exported from flash as an SWF so that I can use it as a reference for animation in TBS.

Has anyone been able to get this to work? I made sure that the file was not protected when saved.

Be sure that you check your export publishing setting in Flash to insure you do not have them set to “protect” the SWF from import. Also, if you are using a Flash version above Flash 6 for your publishing, switch your setting to publish at Flash 6 or below. TBS sometimes has problems importing Flash 8 and above SWFs if they include special features available only to those versions of the Flash render engine. -JK

Flash player 5 and lower does not support embedded video (this is what I’m trying to get into TBS) – player 6 does. My hunch is that this is what is hanging TBS up, the embedded video. I double-checked to make sure that it wasn’t a simple matter of me having the “do not allow import” box checked when exporting from Flash.

So I exported the video file as a series of PNGs which I can import, but when I do so each image is taken as a different background element.

The next question is: is there a convenient way to import a series of images so that they all appear as a sequence under one element. Flash does me the favor of numbering the files, if this helps.

I see that I can import all of the files together into my library – then I could drag and drop the images into the exposure window. Is this, most likely, the most direct way to do this process?


Indeed the issue is most likely related to the embedded video. Since we just import the elements as is from the swf if the element is not supported it won’t work.

This being said you should be able to import all of your image sequence inside a single image element. All you have to do is to create the Image element in the first place then right click (in the exposure sheet) in the first frame you want the video to start at and do Import Images…>From Files. Then select the last image from the list images (make sure to have them ordered first) and shift click on the first one (to have all of the images highlighted). This should bring the sequence inside of the software.

Hopes this helps.

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Brilliant! Works splendidly – thank you so much – both of you!

- airickson