importing stuff - beginners question..i guess :)


how do i tell animate pro WHERE (at which composite node) it should add new elements when importing?
i built a default scene which i re-use all the time. it has some groups with safeframes and fade-in/out in it (locked). it has branches to render out previews and final res.

but everytime i import some element it gets attached to the WRONG composite node and i have to manually unhook all of them and put them on the CORRECT (i.e. main) composite node. pretty annoying and time consuming.

i tried to select the composite node where i want to add stuff before importing.
so far no success :frowning: it still gets added to the wrong node.

thanks for any hints :slight_smile:

It can be a feature request but it is also possible it can be more complicated for the normal user since there are already many of the options to choose in import option. Also it is also hard to be defined which composite is for which since each group can have same name of composite. This option was originally developed for the cut out animation that you can create all elements first and then connect to the composite at the same time during workflow. You can right click of the element in Time Line to choose ‘connect to composite’>(group name/composite name) but it only works in the base of the network or within the same group. So the best way at this moment, first enable show group in time line. Then import drawing that will be imported to the basic composite level. And then drag and drop to the group in Time Line. If there is one composite in the group, it will be connected automatically. If there is more than one, it will connect the last one that you need to either use network to adjust it or right click>connect to composite and specify the composite. However, it might be easier or faster using network from my experience. Hope this helps


i will try this :slight_smile: