Importing sound sequence isnot reloading the new one if the filename is the same

Hi, I have a sound sequence a.aif, then I delete that sound sequence. If I run import sound track, current sound track, current file, for a new filename b.aiff then b.aif is uploaded and played correctly.But it seems that it is keeping something in cache, because if Ia)delete the sound sequence a.aif, b)then I replace a.aif with a new version of the a.aif file , which has the same namefile: a.aifc)then reimport the file using Import sound sequence, current soundtrack, current file, filename a.aiffthe result here is that a.aif reloads and plays plays the deleted version of the file a.iff and not the new, Importing sound sequence is not reloading the new one if the filename is the sameany idea?thanks :slight_smile:

When you import a sound file, it copies the sound file into the storyboard file. When you then delete the sound from the storyboard file, do you save the file before you delete and update a.aif? Try this:- Import a.aif- delete the sound a.aif from storyboard- save the storyboard file- quit storyboard- delete a.aif and update with a new version a.aif - open the storyboard file- import a.aifIf you don’t save the storyboard file before importing again, then it may see it as still being there.