importing sound file

Hey guys, so I’m just on the trial at the moment, just to work things out before buying it. So, when I record the audio, and go to import the file, it’s not there. It’s as if it’s gone poof!??? It’s there when I search for it in Windows Movie Maker, what gives? Is it because TB can’t/doesn’t support Windows Media Audio File? Because that’s the only audio recorder I have, and that’s the only file it will save in. :frowning:

Sound import in Toon Boom Studio supports :

- MP3


I save my files as WAV files, but the files still aren’t there when I go to import.

Thanks for replying,

Is it possible for you to send a sample audio file to that we can test for you?

I always did it this way -

I made a new SOUND layer on the time line. I then went to the cell that I want the sound file to START at, and I right click - import sound file. Works like a charm.

i am trying to import a sound file and every time i do it the sound file turns up blank i’m getting really angry javascript:replaceText(’%20%3E:(’)


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