importing small PNGs clips top and bottom

When I import a png of size 32x32 px the import is successful but the imported image has been clipped by aprox 1 pixel at the top and bottom. It might be two pixels, i’m not sure. Also it may be clipping at the left and right too but I can’t see that with the assets I’m currently using.

Clipping is also visible in exported movies/flash files etc.

There appear to be no options to play with when it comes to importing these files.

What is causing this issue?


32x32 pixels is quite small for an imported image, it might be getting cropped due to antialiasing.
Why not just resize the image to 33x33 and re-import?

It is small, but these are pixel art animations and the size matters, also if it’s AA causing the clipping then can I turn it off? I don’t want any AA in the output (and actually it’s not there in the output).

I could resize but I have hundreds of frames of these animations and they’re for use in a game so I need to make them at the size they’re at going forward.

Any further ideas?

So that’s it? Toon boom studio can’t import images properly?

On closer inspection the images are all there, it’s just the contours that define the images are positioned such that the edges are cropped, in some cases by one and a half pixels. The images are png, they have a size and transparency, don’t bother with the smooth contours just use a rectangle! Give me the whole image!

I wouldn’t mind so much but the contour editing tool is so incredibly fiddly, in some cases the point i need to click on is so small it’s really hard to do, and the behavior of clicking and dragging these points seems inconsistant.

Is there a way of importing images as they are, as a rectangle, rather than these badly placed contours?

As this is a technical issue, please contact directly. Please include a replresentative image and provide a detailed explanation of the workflow you are following along with the results you have experienced.