importing scenes

Anyone know if there’s a way to import a scene from one Toon Boom document to another? I haven’t been able to figure it out.


For the scene which you want to reuse in a new project follow these steps:

1. In the timeline of the scene which you want to reuse, add a peg element as the top most element in the track label list.

2. While holding down the shift key, select each of the element track labels in the timeline track label list which are located below the new top level peg you just added.

3. Drag this group of selected element tracks on top of the top most peg element which you just added so that they are all attached to that top most peg element.

4. Collapse the top most peg element so that all of its attached track elements are visibly hidden in the track label list.

5. Select your collapsed top level peg element and drag it to your Global library. This now makes your entire scene a global library template.

6. Close your project and open the other project where you want to reuse this scene that you just made into a template.

7. Now all you need to do is drag the scene template out of your global library and on to the timeline in your current project.

If you have additional questions or need additional clarification just ask. -JK

Wonderful! Thanks so much

Hi to all a unu.

JK thnaks for the apport but i have another question. Apparently this can do with all kind of elements but not with elements sounds, there’s a way to do this including the element sounds?