Importing PSD/PNG files.

??? Hi all,

I am bit confused. When I try to import PSD file (with multiple layers) into Animate, all layers are imported, but they all sit one beside the other in one single layer on time line. Say I have an image which has head, legs, hands etc in seperate layer in PSD file with proper name in a parent layer, When I import them using import facility in animate, all goes into single drawing layer of the time line one beside the other. ie. in the first frame right hand, second frame left hand etc. Is there a way to import them properly. I selected (import option)create drawing layers with name and selected all layers instead of composite for the small popup.

Can any one specify how should do it correctly so that I can get each part of the body in individual drawing layers.



You should be able to find information on how to setup your PSD file in the help of Animate at the page 305 (the bottom numbering, if you use the adobe numbering it should be page 331). Following the instructions there you should be able to get your file imported in layers.

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