importing psd files with TBS 4.5

I wrote this theme in “general”, in hope to get good tips I want to try it here.

My problem is, that the option to import psd files works not perfect. The problem is - I read it here often - that the images have to be resized after importing. Although I deactivated the option “Fit image to camera width”. This thing I didn´t understand! Why is there this option to get the right size, but it doesn´t works. I Use TBS 4.5. I tested this under Mac OS 10.4.11 and 10.5.4, but there was no different.

Maybe, because I´am newbie, i make some mistakes. Please teach me, how to do it better.



I’m having even worse problems with importing PSD files with several layers. It just crashes the whole program! I’m using TBS 4.5

Is anyone from Toonboom listening? This should NOT be happening.



It indeed should not be happening. Would it be possible to provide us a sample of your psd so we can do some test here to find out what exactly could be in cause and address this.

You can send it to

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Just so everyone knows this was related to the fact there was a layer in the Photoshop file that was completely empty. We will address this in upcoming release of the software but in the meantime make sure there is no empty layers in your Photoshop files when you import.

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Thanks Ugo + TBS

Thanks for the solution, I was wondering what was going on.