Importing PSD files with layers

I like to import psd files with the photoshop layers. I wantr to work with the created elements. The only way for the import i know is the option “importing and vectorizing”. But there i lost my layers. The new option i tried was to save from Photoshop several picture for each layer. Does anyone know an other more comfortable way?


Hello, fweber!

This is what the TBS 4.5 Manual says on page 105:

I’ve been waiting for such a possibilty quite a long time. But it didn’t work for me.
My characters (.psd file; 150dpi, 22.5 MB) consist of 53 layers each. In TBS 4.0 I saved each layer as an image, which I then cropped to fit the visible contents. This worked. But if you import the same files in TBS 4.5, every layer is imported in the ame size as the original picture (even if it’s just an eyeball and the rest transparency).
Trying to import my cut-out characters therefore resulted in a rather spectacular crash (53 x 22,5 MB), although I work with 3 Gigs of RAM?!

But this IS a nice feature, if you e. g. want to import backgrounds consisting of several layers etc.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help. This is what i read in the manual. But my problem is, that this way of import didn´t create new elements, i get new images for each layer. Now i couldn´t use these images as elements for the animation. The other thing is, that after the import the images didn´t get the normal size, they are much more larger.
Do you know a solution?


I found this way in the manual:

Vectorization of an Image element or Image cells
You can vectorize a bitmap after it has been imported to your project.
Copy and Pasting of Image Cells to a Drawing Element:
1. First select the cells you wish to convert into vectors. You can either select the full
Image element by clicking on it in the Timeline or select only specific cells in the
2. Copy the cells by clicking the copy button or using the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[C]
(Windows) or [Command]+[C] (Mac OS X).
3. Select the Drawing element to which you want to paste your Image element to or if
you copied cells, select a cell in the Drawing element.
4. Paste your cell using the paste button or by using the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[V]
(Windows) or [Command]+[V] (Mac OS X).
Your cells should now be copied and simultaneously converted into vectors. You can
delete the Image element if you no longer need it.
Using the Convert Element to Vector option:
1. First select the cells you wish to convert into vectors. You can either select the full
Image element by clicking on it in the Timeline or select only specific cells in the
2. Right-click on one of the selected cells and select Convert Element to Vector in the
3. The files are converted and a new Drawing element containing the vectorized files is

It works, but it is an complcated way. But the problem with the size i still have.


Yeah, this is exactly the problem I have - importing and vectorizing psd files generates huge filesizes - in my case, to big to handle for TBS.

What I do is painstaking, but works:
1. I exported my psd image in different resolutions (72/100/120/150/300 dpi). This way, I found out that 150dpi was the resolution that worked best in my case (rendered to DVD an viewed on a 42" HD screen - still sharp, but half the file size).
2. Saved each layer in 300dpi (for later closeup shots) and 150 dpi in photoshop and cropped each file down to size of visible area.
3. Imported and vectorized each layer file into TBS, where I had to resize them, since they all were as big as camera view (In Photoshop I made a blueprint of the layer’s outlines, which I use as Lighttable background in TBS for the correct sizes and positions)

And, er, yes, it took me weeks to get the final rigs done.


P.S.: Have a look at my profile picture (left) - this is my completed character: a 53 element rig, saying: A!

You are writing about TBS 4.5?
You must resize the elements after importing, although you deactivated the option “Fit image to camera width”?

So this option didn´t works.

Oh, sorry für being unclear. I did all that in 4.0.
Haven’t tried this new option yet.
Might well be, all the resizing is no longer necessary.
But as far as I can see, cropping is - if you don’t wan’t a single eyeball (on one psd layer) to be as big (by filesize) as your whole character.

Completed and rigged my characters all in 4.0 and I really don’t wanna go thru all that again. I’m very happy with 4.5. But filesize till IS a problem. Seems, I have to render single characters and shots and composite them afterwards to get things done :wink: