importing psd files [no good for painter x]

well this IS annoying ;D

importing psd files in Animate is ONLY for adobe photoshop not painter x as the ‘help’ files say to put each layer in photoshop inside a folder…of course in painter x you can’t make folders in the layer window so you stuck with just 1
layer that imports…

back over in toonboom studio though it all works just fine from painter x as that app doesn’t require you to only create pixel based artwork in photoshop…you can be more creative and use a proper ART program!

please fix…this is going to either slow people down or just plain stop them from
buying animate if they’re Corel Painter users…YES…you ‘can’ work around it and import each element from a saved out tga but when it worked so well in toon boom studio you could at least add a tick box for layers to layers rather than have it require folders to layers which are ADOBE specific.

drat n double drat! :slight_smile:

Hi Cress,

I am not sure if I understand. To use my Painter files I have to go to Photoshop and export layers? This is three mores steps…open, export, close, import…i dont believe!

The ToonBoom Studio imports direct?


Maybe I’m not understanding the original question properly, but I think it’s the same in both. They’re actually called Groups - both in Painter and in Photoshop. Select the layers that you want, then group them. In Photoshop this results in a little folder icon that you can collapse or expand. In Painter, the same thing except that the visual for group is a little square with an arrow in it.