Importing PSD files into Harmony - Error

I’m having trouble importing PSD files into Harmony 16.
I’ve followed the guide. And it did work the first time I tried it.
But since then I have been getting an error message “Exception while importing PSD file”.
Could anyone help me figure out why it suddenly doesn’t work?


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Hey Sean,

Not sure if it helps but I have a few ideas.

  • Each layer should be flattened into a single image and placed in a group (each layer should be 1 image inside 1 group).

  • Make sure all Adjustment layers are turned off or baked into your images as Harmony won’t read adjustment layers.

  • Certain characters in the folder/layer names can cause issues when importing into Harmony. I think using a dash is problematic so I usually switch those to be underscores. I’ve had that issue a few times.

  • Try deleting any excess layers in PS that you don’t need for your project. A few times I’ve seen issues caused due to nested groups inside layers that were turned off but still affected the harmony import until I deleted them.

If you find a different solution, let me know! I’m doing a lot of photoshop imports lately so any new info helps!


I have the same problem but solve it creating an 8 bit psd, with the 16 bit psd it merge all the layers into one.