Importing PSD doesn't create separate layers

This might be because I am not rich enough to have Photoshop, only Photoshop Elements, but what I do is to create a character which I scan into Photoshop Elements and then I cut out the various parts and create layers for each, saving the whole thing as a PSD-file.
But when I import this into Harmony Essentials, all parts are in a single layer, not separated. I can of course drag each of them into new layers, but I thought this was being automated.
I saw in one tutorial that one was supposed to create Groups in Photoshop. Why? How? One Group for the head, another for the limbs or what? And I don’t see any such option in Elements. Would it help to link layers? Or do I have to get rich? :slight_smile:
Well, as I said; I can work around it, but I was just curious to see if there is something I have overlooked.

One has to move every layer in it’s own group,
otherwise it won’t appear on it’s own layer in Harmony.

Photoshop Elements unfortunately doesn’t support Layer Groups…

Either, get Elements+ (one need the paid version, about $ 12,—):

Or, find Grant’s Tool’s (free) ? So far, it was available via Elements Village,
but that just closed down. Don’t know where to get it today…

Otherwise use Pixelmator (free trial) that has a Group Layers function.

Now this was good news! I actually have Elements+ but I think I uninstalled it a while ago, but now it will come in good use :slight_smile: I also have Pixelmator although I have never used it much.

It seems like this Harmony Essential will work out for me, much better than Toon Boom Studio did:)

Anyway, do you mind explaining whether these Groups really have to be groups or can they contain just one body part each, for instance?

Really grateful for your help!

Every single drawing or “body part” has to be in it’s own single Group-folder in Photoshop.
Only those Group-folders (appropriate named) will appear as single layers in Harmony.
Everything else will be ignored.

Thank you for the clarification and yes, I had already seen that video, but it wasn’t obvious that there were only one part in each group - which isn’t very obvious, really:) A “group” is mostly understood as consisting of more than one…
But anyway, we are moving on and I am really grateful for your help!