Importing PSD as seperate layers. What is going wrong here?

I have grouped my PSD file the way i want them to be seperated in Toon Boom.

Yet still they import very weird.

I have also tried to GROUP the group, so that there is only one ‘‘layer’’ directly underneath it. But this gives me the error you can see in my attachment.

Now my workaround is flattening/merging every group to one flattened layer, and putting those in groups, but this way i can’t make changes to the backgrounds very easily, in the project directory… I want to keep the flexibility of having all these layers when editing in photoshop, after importing in Harmony…

How is this done?

Kind regards.


If you want to import separate layers directly into Harmony you’ll have to have one layer/one group. If you want to have several “sub-layers” with the flexibility of changing them later and have them updated in Harmony as a single flattened layer I think you’ll have to work with two files, saving a “raw” .psd file with all the sublayers and make the changes in that file, then flatten all the sublayers (one layer per group) and save it over the flattened .psd file that you link to Harmony.

If you import a file with several layers inside a group they will be imported as different drawings of the same layers. That’s useful, for instance, if you want to import animation made in Photoshop.

Here’s the best fix with least mess:

In Photoshop:

First set all layers you want to export to be visible.

File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files

Visible Layers Only ON(Unless they’re all good to be exported)
FileType: PNG-24
Transparency: ON
Trim Layers: OFF (Assuming you have a resolution that you want to keep. Otherwise, this crops your layers and all your images will come out different dimensions)

In Harmony:
File > Import > Images
Create Layers Based on Filenames
Rules: Project Resolution
Alpha: Gay

Life is good.

Thanks you both. :slight_smile: