Importing PNG Issues

Hi, I’ve been using ToonBoom since January and had no issues with it all. Nonetheless, I’ve got an issue importing .png 's.

The PNG files looks perfect as files but once they are imported into Animate some strange white, red color surrounds the images. We’re working in a scene where we did a 3D bucket (exported into png files) and when it is imported, it looks messed up.

Have no idea on how to post images here so I’ve uploaded them here:

Original PNG file

How it looks on Animate:

I’m using Toon Boom Animate 2 on MacOs 10.6.6


So I chose different settings, the one working for me was the ‘straight’

So I ran a test on your image and you just need to select Premultiplied with Black or Straight for your alpha in order for it to work. There are different ways that the alpha can be stored in the alpha channel, and for your image, it has not been set to be premultiplied with white, so if you set it as this when you import it, it will put a fringe around it.