Importing photoshop files in 4.5

Hi, I am attempting photo animation in studio 4.5. To save time I’m outsourcing the cutting out of some characters. The idea is that the layers are preserved and I can rig the cut-outs. Alas, the imported cut-outs are HUGE, sure, they’re the correct objects, but I cant resize them with the transform or use other tool on them, the toolbar is greyed out. What must I do?


Make sure you are in the Camera view (the Drawing view might be active by default).

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Keep in mind one other thing:

Make sure that the Photoshop project doesn’t have an overly large resolution. There’s no point having an image that is 12,000x12,000 pixel when you only want to use it on a TV with a resolution of 720x540. When you import the file into ToonBoom it will be huge, not just in terms of what you see in the Default View, but also in terms of filesize. If you ever export the ToonBoom animation you will end up with a huge file.