importing photo sequence into harmony 12.2

i’m experimenting with importing photos of pixilation (meaning they are a sequence of bitmap jpegs of live-action) into harmony 12.2, and trying to learn/utilize the best import options. (i’ll be matting out parts of the photos, drawing on them, altering them with filters, etc.) (either on above layers, or perhaps on the actual photos layer.)

in file > import > images dialogue box, the layer option: ‘create a single layer named:’ seems a good choice as it creates a sequence of frames that can be retimed as necessary.

in the import options:

  1. ‘keep as original bitmap’ works ok, but the layer can’t be altered with tools.
  2. the ‘import as toon boom bitmap drawing’ allows tool alteration; it does create bigger files that chug, but, that could be passable.
  3. the ‘convert to toon boom vector drawing’ seems to work well, allows tools, creates even bigger files, but i’m confused how the 3 (+ new preset) ‘vectorization’ options relate to photos: ‘black and white’ and ‘reddd’ all seem to work but asks to ‘perform color recovery’ and then the color recovery doesn’t affect the entire layer, only one image at a time as each image is scrolled over in the timeline. ‘grey’ and ‘new preset’ create grey scale and don’t prompt the color recovery. not apparent how to introduce actual preset information into the ‘new preset’, either.

(and what is ‘reddd’? i don’t see it mentioned anywhere in the docs, online or forum…)

is there another process i can follow for ‘best practices’?

thanks much

Hi Charlie,

For what you want to do, I recommend to use Toon Boom Bitmap drawing since your images are pictures and you need to alter them.

Converting them to vector creates a vector frame around a bitmap texture. If you erase on them, you are simply modifying the vector envelope. Using the Contour Editor tool, you will be able to bring back anything you erased. So it is still essentially bitmap, but you can draw with vector lines on them.

You can adjust the bitmap resolution for the Toon Boom Bitmap drawing in the Scene Settings if you want to make the files lighter. Keep in mind that if you zoom in with the camera, you need to maintain a higher resolution.

There is no Reddd preset included in the software. Could that be a preset test you did a while back?

Here are details about all the parameters in the Import Image dialog box:

Here are the steps to create additional presets:

I hope this helps!