importing .osb objects into harmony

hi, im having trouble importing 3d objects into harmony from maya 2012, ive followed the manual but keep getting the same error when trying to get the object into harmony.
'the imported file does not have a supported image format’

this is with the .osb exporter/import nad .ogj as well
ive textured and UV’d the object and tried variations on a them with different formats.

any ideas on how to get it working

thanks for any info

I could not see the help file of harmony 9, but my question would be whether to use Maya to export 3D models, or may use other 3d software?


iam using maya 2012 to export the file to the osb format, after saving the scene to the maya .mb file format as stated in the manual but after this as i try to import the .osb file into harmony im getting the error message.

any ideas…

I have the same question, but in my case I can not find plugin integration of 2D and 3D, that folder is, ask the support team but have not responded.
Maya Autodesk 2012
Sistema Operativo windows 7- 64 bits
Toon Boom Harmony 9.2.0(6846)
PD:should activate the download of plug-in Members / My Products :wink:

thanks lily, i have contacted support for help etc… its harmony 9.2.6816 im using

adelmo93, also let support know whether your version of maya is x32 or x64 bit version…

ps. the plugin you have to ask for from toon boom, and its only 32bit, so you will have to have the 32bit version of maya to work…


exile, Fortunately I have the maya 32bit, as it time you responded? you already have the plugin?

excellent and very good helpdesk support system ;D

Are there any ideas when the 3D plugin will work with x64 Maya?

yes i have the plugin, i think you need a 3d token too, but waiting for a response on that… remember im in the uk so my questions get answered when i get back from work the following day… hee hee… ;D

they are wokring on a 64bit AFAIK, but no time for release given…

yeah… all working great… now to play…

i didnt have a 3d token… simple’s…

do i need a 3d token for storyboard pro 3d as well…?


which is the 3d token?


email and they will sort you out with a serial you enter into harmony’s licencing that allows you 3d ability in harmony…

its in the manual but not obvious that you need it for certain…

exile, thanks, I contact support ye have given the code, I’m doing the import tests, but very easy to understand ;D

You need to set up the directory path for the Maya/Harmony render manually but if you are using Windows it’s much, much easier than OSX. With the latter you must know that basics of Unix/vim command line to login is as administrator then build directory folders and so forth so that Harmony and Maya will render.

This took over 3 days of tech support to work render within command line on OSX but when a fix tried to make it work by launching Stage.App from the dock, as normal, it locked me out of my directory path. I now have major problems with my license key not being accepted and over a weekend.

My advice if possible if you are not command line literate, use Windows and not OSX. And if possible buy a two key license or more so that you don’t end up over the weekend with no Harmony 9.2 to us.

When it works Harmony 9.2 is AWESOME for for 2d/3d and TB tech support are very kind and patient. Good luck.

What version of Harmony are you working with? Can you go to the About screen and show me it should be something like 9.2.0.xxxx

You can also work with to help get your configuration working.

Regarding can you use another software, our plugin works only for Maya, and the pipeline has been optimized for use with Maya on the rendering side as well. We will be developing support for other 3D softwares in the future.