Importing one TBPD file into another TBPD file?

I made one “Animation Set” (a separate xyz.tbpd file) and then just doodling I made another xxx.tbpd but now I want the “doodling” xxx.tbpd to be a part of the first xyz.tbpd. How can I do this with out making the xxx.tbpd file into a FLASH MOVIE .SWF file and then importing it into the xyz.tbpd? I mean were talking about files with the same extension.

Thanks and looking forward to your response.

PaulieWalnuts ::slight_smile:

The way you share between projects is by using the library management functionality of TBS, specifically the Global library.

I described the process for sharing a scene from one projet with another project in this previous thread on Importing Scenes -JK

Thank You very much JK, I really appreciate your help!