importing my artwork

Hi, could anyone tell me how to import my artwork into toonboom?
I am using a Mac w/v2.5 and I already have the artwork scanned and saved on my hard drive.
from toon boom I can only find an option to import a flash movie, I think there should be an option just to import under file, or on the exposure sheet

Try this:

Element>Add >Image, then right(/control) click on Image cell>Import Images>From File.

That is the way the guy did it in the toon boom tutorial videos, but I have a Mac and there is no way (that I know of) to right click, so there is no way I can see to access an option to import an image to my exposure sheet.

anyone know how to do this?

thanks ???

Hey, Sandi, thank you, that did work…
I just hold down ctrl and click on the image box, that brings up a large list of commands, import being the first.

Thanks again, very much appreciated!


hi rama,
do you work with a mouse in tbs? :o
if you try a wacom tablet, you should have a menu at your pen button click…

No, I only have a laptop at this point. one of those tablets sounds like a good idea, though. ;D