I wonder if anyone can help?

I need to be able to import multiple PSD layers into a timeline in Studio in one action rather than as 300 individual cel imports.

I am working with Photoshop CS3 and Toonboom Studio 6.

(Maybe one day I will win the lottery and get a Cintiq 27 HD, and subscribe to TB Harmony and accessories, and subscribe to the full Adobe array of wares, but until then…!)

I have been creating animation sequences, drawing cels using layers in Photoshop, then importing them to Image Timelines in Studio.

Usually what I do is save the PSD file, with the layer selected that I wish to export to Studio. Then in Studio, I right click the cel I want to import to (in an Image timeline) and browse for the PSD and import it. Then it’s back to Photoshop, where I select the next layer I want to import, save the PSD again, and back in Studio, repeat the process.

For projects where I have used layers to animate a sequence I am usually only using sequences of say 30 or less, so it is not such a gruelling chore.

However, the current stage in my project requires importing 300 individual cels which are in the form of individual layers in a PhotoShop Document.

Having had a look for support on this…

It seems you can:

  1. Import multiple PSD file layers from Photoshop to Studio in a “vertical” stack, into one cel.


  1. Manually drag and drop (or use the Import process which I described earlier) a PSD file into a timeline, but only the individual layer that is currently saved as the selected layer, thus only one cel.

But it seems you can’t drop layers that are numerically arranged in one PSD file “horizontally” into a timeline in a numerical sequence.


If anyone can save me from having to manually import 300 individual PSD layers one by one into a Timeline in Studio 6 it would be very much appreciated.

As indeed if you have actually managed to read this, that is too.

And also if anyone could tell me whether Harmony Essentials or any of the Harmony set have this function?

Well I’m sorry that no-one in the forums responded, and that ToonBoom’s support was, to put it politely, not adequate for you - besides there seeming to be a language barrier, and that the support person didn’t seem to be reading what you were writing, and that their uncomprehending messages were so slow you had managed to manually import 300 individual cels before their last non-relevant email.

Hopefully someone will eventually add this seemingly obvious application to the ToonBoom software - that of being able to import a set of consecutive cels from a sequence of individual PSD layers into a timeline in multiples rather than one at a time.

Or if it is already possible, someone will explain how.

But hopefully they won’t suggest the things you have already clarified don’t work.

So the reply system doesn’t actually tell you it has posted - it returns you to an edit page, so you end up posting twice. That’s handy.