Importing multiple characters into a scene is causing color issues

Hello everyone,

I posted about this earlier, but I am still having no luck. So I have created two different characters, both in their own separate projects. I am now trying to import them into the same scene so that I can start animating them. When I import the second character into the scene, the colors of the first imported character are affected. I know it has to do with color overrides, I am just not sure how to use it. I’d appreciate it if someone could give me a step by step instruction on how to handle this problem. Thank you in advance!


Did you paint the characters with the same palette? If you have similar characters and want to paint the second character with similar colours or just want to adapt the first palette, you should duplicate it, so that you have two separate palettes, for instance, one palette called character_A and the other called character_B.

If you have cloned palettes, when you have both characters on the same scene both will use the palette that’s on top on the palette library. The solution for this is to connect a colour-override module below the character’s group whose colours you want to change. In the colour-override properties select the palette you want to use and drag it to “whole palette overrides”. You can also change individual colours.

Luis Canau