Importing movs into Harmony v20 not working | "OK" button unresponsive


I’m having trouble importing movs into version 20 of Harmony.
When I try to import a mov file, Harmony will process the media and bring up the ‘Import images’ window to which then I would want to click on the ‘OK’ button BUT nothing happens when i hit OK. The Import images window stays up as if it didn’t know i hit OK but the cancel button works. I’ve tried importing mp4s too and nothing. The OK button just seems to do nothing.
This is only specific to my v20 as I have no issues importing movs into my version 15 Harmony which I also have on the same computer.

I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled v20, reinstalled quicktime and done restarts and none of that has resolved this issue.

Would love to know what’s going on here.