Importing model with texture/material

Importing a model with materials attached.
In the tutorials by Sherm, the pirate ship he uses has a material or texture map on it, as in , the model has colour and details on its skin. Whenever I import a model, in any of the supported formats, the model comes in either grey or a flat colour.
Is there a certain setting that I am missing, either in import, or in the export of the model from 3dsmax?

Hi, I had a similar problem bringing in models from Blender. The solution I found was the following.
I exported the selected model from Blender as a DAE file. You can also export DAE files from 3D max. Make sure to also include UV materials/ textures before you export.
You should now have a DAE file as well as a copy of the material your object is using.
Import the DAE file into FBX converter (a free download from Autodesk) and export this file as a FBX file.

When you import this new FBX file into Toon Boom Storyboard, it should not only have the materials on the object, but all the pivot points should still be intact.

I should note that Blender can export FBX files and OBJ files but I never got satisfactory results importing them directly from Blender to Toon Boom Storyboard, the same goes for exporting FBX or OBJ from Blender through FBX converter and into Toon Boom Storyboard. The only method that worked for me was exporting them as a DAE file first.

I hope this was helpful