Importing Maya Data into Animate Pro (possibly Harmony?)

I’ve been working on a process for bringing camera and locator data from Maya into Animate Pro, and I think I have found the solution. It’s a little bit technical, so I made a 3-part video showing the process. I’m pretty new to making tutorials, so it’s a little rough around the edges.
The process involves exporting a Maya Ascii file, and copy/paste the data into a custom script that feeds it into Animate Pro.

The scripts I use to import Maya data into Animate pro are located here:

I also have a quick FOV calculator for Maya cameras with a non-animated lens.
Since there is a lot of prep for this, the tutorial is in three parts. You may need to view this on Youtube to watch the whole series.
Any feedback or help is welcome!

This is the best post I have ever seen on the forums.
Do you have links to other animations you have done?

I didn’t know anyone was still looking at this post. Glad someone was able to sit through the tutorial series! I have been working on a few Cookie Crisp commercials for Europe in Animate Pro in collaboration with The Monk Studios in Thailand. They handle all the 3D backgrounds and props while me and animator Tim Blair handle 2D production.

I’ve been searching for information on a workflow between maya and toonboom for weeks now. This sounds exactly like what I was looking for but the video does’t show up.

That’s impressive. Wish I understood scripting.
The video’s showed up immediatly when I watched them yesterday. /watch?v=4DK0Nzkns by Roverbreath

Has there been any improvement in this subject?
If we could easily import camera animation from Maya, I would be soo happy.

Thank you for this. Your post is amazing i visited these link. These are very useful.

Someone could help me, please?
I’m getting this error
“95: TypeError: Result of expression ‘func.addKeyFrame3DPath’ [undefined] is not a function.”