importing line art

im working on a project which needs to be broadcast quality. im importing some line art into TB and when it is vectorized the line which was nice and smooth becomes very riggid. ive tried playing with the import filters as much as possible, but none of them really help much. any suggestions as to how i can import and vectorize and keep the quality of the line??

I generally scan at high resolution 200 or 300, after carefully going over my pencil drawings first to be sure there are no leaks.

When I scan I sometimes adjust the scan settings for greyscale to whiten the white and keep the lines crisp, thin, yet strong.

For some time I used the loss of sharpness options, but recently I messed around with the edge enhancement setting and lowered the threshold to between 65 and 75, where before I had used around 85 most of the time.

After that, my lines came out finer. In fact, I couldn’t always see all of the line without zooming in. The result was much better. I’m still not so happy with the way it vectorizes, but it is acceptable for me at this point.

I’d love to hear more experiences from others on this. Steve Ryan has a terrific tutorial on this at his site,