Importing .jpgs are negative?


I have never had this problem before, hence my using the forum for the first time too.

I am importing files into ToonBoom Studio and although the original .jpg animation files are black line on a white background, they are appearing in my TBS window in reverse… i.e. white (or transparent) line on black.

Strangely, the background image (.psd) has imported as it should in full color but the drawing files are showing B&W negative over the top.

Any ideas folks?

(FYI: I am using ToonBoom Studio v6.0 on the latest Mac O/S.)

Tony. :^{)}=-

How are you importing?

If you click on the timeline on a new drawing object and right click you can import there… Try textured and colored…

This may sound kind of silly, but is it just the fact that it is highlighted, wich gives a negative look to it?

OK, tried all that and no luck unfortunately. Its definitely not because a frame is selected… because I’ve deselected them and the problem persists. I was using TBS fine before installing Lion O/S, so I’m wondering if its that and you have a fix? I even tried re-creating my animation frame .jpgs for importing (in both ‘grayscale’ and ‘RGB’ formats) and the same thing happens. Basically its importing a reverse image matte for each drawn animation frame… meaning that the screen is entirely black and the colored background is showing through where the animation line should be. I can paint colors to the areas between the (transparent) lines but the transparent lines themselves will not accept paint. I can even clear the black background surrounding the line drawings with the ‘un-paint’ function but just cannot fill the lines… they simply remain transparent! Its very frustrating as I am up against a very tight background for the film! It all worked perfectly a couple of months ago. Any other thoughts folks? :frowning:

Try saving the Photoshop image as a .jpg then import that. Try saving as something else other than .jpg or .psd. png?

When you look at the .png or jpg in another program like paint are they inversed?