Importing issue

I am importing a JPEG and it shows up in the timeline and the layer but not in the stage. It will select it like it’s there but I can’t see the image.

Is it Storyboard or Harmony?
In Harmony, if the image is imported and vectorized, it shows both in camera view and drawing view. If the image is imported and a bitmap, it will only be shown in Camera view since bitmap image can not be shown in drawing view because drawing view is only for the vector lines. If you want to trace the bitmap that you have imported, it is easier to do it in camera view.

This is not a very powerful graphic card and could well be the source of the problem. I would have expected the performance to increase slightly though with the Aero desktop theme disabled.

I just got ToonBoom Storyboard Pro 4
I imported a JPEG as image to layer
it shows up in the layers and thumbnails
but it wont show up in the stage
my computer is a PC using Windows 7.

Make sure you are working on the project located on the internal hard drive of the system. External drives, USB drive and cloud storage drives are too slow to keep up and may cause corruption or loss of parts of the project.

One reason why the images might not be appearing could be if the graphic card is underpowered or not supporting OpenGL very well. Try disabling your Aero desktop theme by right-clicking the desktop, selecting “Personalize” and scrolling to the bottom to select one of the “Basic & High-Contrast” themes instead.

Thanks for the reply I’ve tried what you said but nothing seams to have changed.

Everything is on my hard drive
My graphics card is: AMD M880G with Mobility Radeon HD 4200
Could this not be powerful enough or could it be something else?