Importing images, urgent problem

For my animation I’m trying to import images from photoshop and then move them around similar to the style of a motion comic. But when I import the images, they all have a white background around them, which isn’t present in the photoshop file. I try to use the unpaint tool to try and get rid of all of the white, but it just ends up deleting the entire picture. Is there anyway I can just get rid of this white background, or am I going to have to sit down and carefully erase it all. Thanks in advance for any help that can be given, seeming as this animation is meant to be done within the next week. :S Also, if someone could tell me how to change the opacity of imported pictures that would be excellent as well.

You can send a sample psd file to for us to verify the alpha for you.

To change opacity on your picture, add Colour Trasform in your Timeline and drag the layer with your picture onto it.

Open Properties and drag the Alpha as needed.

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I’m pretty sure that is normal behavior. I use photos all the time… The photo background shows up all the time…

Here is a great article on how to bring photos drawings into Toon Boom Studio…