importing images problems

I am trying to draw characters on paper, scan them, photoshop color, and then import into Toon Boom to animate. But, everything I import is pixelated and fuzzy. Does anyone know why?

Well, here is an excellent tutorial by D.Nethery - how to import hand drawn images…
“Importing Bitmap scanned images to TB 4.0”:


Hi Adam. One possible reason to import a pixelated image is scanning at less resolution than that required for the project. Example, if the project is setting in 640 x 480 pixels, the images should not be imported from a lower resolution to that, at 72 dpi (to be used without approximation camera.) Moving the camera to a part of the scanned image, scanning should be a higher proportional resolution, much higher as higher the closer. Yoryo.

I checked out the tutorial, it is really good. Alot of stuff I didn’t think of. But it doesnt solve my problem.
My image is edited in Photoshop, image size is 3320 x 2484 pixels and 11x 8.5 inches at 300 dpi. I tried JPG and PNG files. they still come into Toon Boom fuzzy.

Well, the preview quality of images can be quite blurry in the viewport…
Either render your view (Export Snapshot)…
Or increase Texture & Image resolution (Display Tab in the Preferences)
by dragging the slider to the right for Better Quality…
You might have to increase Memory Usage as well…


okay, I did a test snapshot and it came out clear. So that’s pretty great. but it still stinks that is is blurry in my project while I’m working on it. I will try the other idea too.
Thank you very much,

well boy howdy that worked too. Thank you Nolan, you saved my Toon Boom life. I was ready to dump the crazy thing.


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