Importing image files without Scanning?

I’m writing a blog article about shooting a pencil test with an iPhone instead of scanning drawings into ToonBoom. A student I know, showed me this process which I’m documenting. If you have drawn animation on paper and no peg bar for registration when shooting, you can place a black card under the peg holes, shoot each drawing and import the images into Harmony or Animate Pro. The program registers all the files using the black peg info. You only need to make sure there is no writing or drawing near the holes or the registration process will not work.

Now, is this True and if so, does it work with all Animate Pro versions and Harmony?

Thank You,

The use of scanner should be irrelevant for registration, since the software makes the optical registration aligning the peg holes. Just make sure the images are not way to much rotated or offset one from the other, because there are some limits for it to be able to match the peg holes. Ideally this would be done with a camera mounted on a tripod.

Naturally, you can also use a scanner without having a peg bar, you just need to put a bit of black tape in front of the sensor where the peg holes pass to provide contrast.

The process is sometimes tricky, a small tear on a hole or, as you mention, a pencil line or dirt, might make it fail. Also the contrast should be good enough for you to have perfectly black holes.

I never done it with Animate Pro, but it should be the same process as with Harmony.