Importing image file problem

How do you convert an RGB file into an RGBA file?I have been trying to do this in photoshop so that I can import an image (in any format) to SB Pro 2.0. I have tried many different things such as creating an alpha channel, etc. I always get a “Cannot load drawing file” error message. I can import to the library (though the thumbnail won’t generate properly), but I get the same error when I try to bring the image into a frame.It seems that there should be an easy way to bring in bitmap images to SB Pro. I am using a trial version, but if I can’t find an easy solution, I will never buy this program.Please help, I really like most of what it can do.SS

Hi Lilly,I did just as you say. I created a new image 296 x 396 @72 dpi, RGB Color, 8 bit, White background, No color profile selected, square pixels. I drew a squiggle and then saved it as a psd, jpeg, tga, and png. (I also tried the same process with a new photoshop doc with a transparent background but the following result was no different).When I “Import images as Layers…” or “Import images as Scenes…” I get a “Cannot load drawing file/…” error message. I can right click on the Global Library and add these images to the library but they come in with a thumbnail icon of a Lego block in a folder. When I select them and right click to “Generate Thumbnail” it doesn’t do anything to them. If I drag them into a new storyboard panel, I get the same error message.I have tried many different fliles, and the result is always the same. Like you say, this seems like it should be an easy no-brainer process, but on my trial version SB Pro 2.0, nothing seems to be working. Very frustrating! I still haven’t heard anything on my tech email request (sent 4:41 pm USA PDT yesterday).SS

You shouldn’t need to convert a file to get it to open.

I just created a new image in photoshop, saved it as a psd. I then saved it as a tga. Then as a png. I tried importing all these images, with no extra effort, and they imported properly. I’m not sure what it is that you’re doing differently from me.

If you create a brand new photoshop file and just draw a squiggle, and save is as test.psd, does this one import? Maybe there’s something wrong with that particular file.


Hi Scott,

I saw that Francois responded to your email on Friday. I saw your second email that came into support with your attached images, and I’m able to import your images into Storyboard 2.0 with no problems.

I think what the next step should be is, like Francois suggested, to set up a Teamviewer session so that Francois can live-connect with you and see the problem first-hand to see if he can debug the issue.

Did you get Francois’ email through the support system?