importing image as background

I need to import a file to use as the background (for positioning purposes in this case) What do I have to do to have the background file in every frame of my timeline? Do I have to import an image sequence? Having to copy and paste each frame seems wrong.

If you have a single bitmap image that you want as the background for your scene, just create an image element, then go to the first frame cell of that image element and use the “import image” command. Import your background image into the image element. Then depending on how long your scene needs to be, (lets say 120 frames just as an example) go to the last frame you need in your scene ( frame 120 in this example) and use the “extend exposure” command on your image element. This will cause your first cell to be held for 120 frames. You only had to import it once, but to keep it visible for the entire scene you must extend its exposure to how ever many frames you need for your scene. You also need to be sure that the image element that you created is either set to be a “background” type element or that it is at the bottom of your time line track label list below all your other drawing elements. -JK