Importing Illustrator

Hey Guys…I’m running the new version for Mac, and love it, with one problem. I just created some illustrator images that I wanted to bring in to TBS. When I do this, something flashes across the screen like it’s going to import and then nothing is imported. Any suggestions?


Just a guess, here’s some things I’d try…

- Is the version you’re saving out of Illustrator the version TBS wants?

-Can you export from Illustrator as a Flash .swf file?
If so, I’ve had MUCH better luck going that way.

My setup is different, (ToonBoom v2, CorelDRAW on a Windows2000 computer.)

I had a lot of problems with the Illustrator files, they would sometimes work OK, and other times not with the same file.
My results with a Flash .swf file were always good.

Brian Hoard
BHH Studio