importing illustrator files

when importing an illustrator file into toon boom animate pro, are the layers supposed to be separated, or does it import as a single layer image?


It depends on how you layed out the layers inside of Illustrator. They should come as one single layer if you have them inside a group. If you have set up each layer separately on the top of level of the .ai file they should come in as different layer inside of Toon Boom Animate Pro. You can combine both method to bring in multiple views or shapes (for mouth or hands) inside a single layer of Animate by grouping them in Illustrator while the rest of the main pieces of the character all have their primary layer on the top of the illustrator file.

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Thanks for the help! I came up with some solution to my problem. It seems that animate pro won’t let me import illustrator files with layers. Digital pro will let import illustrator files that are saved out as cs. haha its a bit of a round about but it works.

I’ve made great use of the live trace expanded function from illustrator to animate pro… lovely!