Importing Illustrator files (.ai) with layers

Ahh okay now I understand. Initially when you said transparency I interpreted that to mean that the layers were coming in without a transparent background.

Transparency is not supported with illustrator import. The reason is that the way that Illustrator does their transparency is fundamentally different from ours and they’re not compatible.

There are two ways that you can solve this issue. 1) you can adjust the colour pot after import - double-click on the colour pot and then adjust the “alpha” amount. Or 2) if it’s for a whole layer, then you can add a Transparency effect layer and adjust the transparency amount in there.

Hope this helps.

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thanks Lilly,

i feared as much. :-<br />
another thing. is there any chance of exporting the un-altered vector image?
because the only way i found so far was exporting to flash, but that alters the image a lot. (strange smoothing in corners for example)

Sometimes exporting to eps or ai would be very useful to produce high quality prints.


Do you mean exporting from Animate? The only vector export we have at the moment is SWF. If you’d like, feel free to add this to the list of feature requests.

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I have a problem with:

Music scores created in/exported as pdf from Finale and opened in Illustrator CS and then saved as pdf compatible file, and imported to TB Animate Pro.
The most important parts except the rests and note-heads seems to follow the document(The clefs tempo++ does not import either).
Wonder why? Is there a font compatibility problem?
Do anybody know of how one could solve the problem, or if there are other ways of importing vector music notation. To vectorize bitmaps on import works OK but looks awful.
Maybe I have to go the roundtrip to Photoshop and create transparent bitmaps.
It is possible to create music notation inside TB Animate Pro using the Maestro font( same as Finale’s font), but that seems unnecessary tedious.

Hope for some good solutions coming up.



I’m assuming when you load the exported finale file into illustrator it is referencing a font. I would select all your fonts in Illustrator and under type hit the “Create Outlines” that will turn everything to vector outlines.

However, I suspect the font you are using works in Animate but you may have to copy/paste the text from your clipboard to animate pro.

Hi 14g

Thanks for your answer.Found out that Illustrator lack the actual font,maestro.
Changing it to maestro wide which is on the Illustrator system didn’t solve any problems. My Illustrator knowledge is less than basic. So for now I will go by Photoshop and save it as a transparent PDF file.
This file can be cut and transformed in Animate Pro, that will have to do for now.

Thanks again