Importing Illustrator and PDF files

Ok, I took the plunge and upgraded to Toonboom 5. The first thing I did was try and import my Adobe Illustrator files, no way, I got the same error message as always . . .
“Unsupported Features
Set Line Join Type
Set Line Cap Style"
– As usual it made a line for itself in the timeline, but there was no image, nothing was imported.

Next I tried importing a PDF and got this error message “Unsupported Features
Even-Odd Rule Filling"
as well as
Set Line Join Type
Set Line Cap Style

- There was an image this time, separate parts that I could manipulate. Whoopee! I clicked ‘add drawing element’ and tried copying and pasting an element but to my agony it doesn’t copy! The ‘paste’ is greyed out! Why is this happening?

One of the main reasons I bought Toonboom in the first place was to import AI files, so far I’ve had no luck Mac or PC files, it doesn’t seem to matter. What to do??

Using TBS 5.0 / OSX 10.4.11

Well, I wouldn’t be to much concerned about the error message…
(I get the same message with every Illustrator import (I have imported hundreds of them)…
but every file looks fine…

I can’t say anymore with which version of TBS this behavior started (a long time ago),
and it hasn’t changed in version 5… - I guess, at Toonboom, no one is concerned either…

Regarding Copy and Paste… one has to give “focus” to the panel one is working with…
In the viewport select your object (focus on viewport) and Copy
In the timeline select your new drawing element (focus on timeline)
Click in the viewport or the scrolling bars (focus on viewport) and Paste…


Thanks Nolan! I’m not sure WHY one couldn’t just copy and paste to the timeline like many other programs. What a minor but annoyingly convoluted thing; surely, like all software Toonboom is based on a programmers perception of logic, BUT, adding cumbersome extra step does not make it ‘better’.

As for Adobe Illustrator files, and PDF, this was trumpeted from version 4 on as a no-sweat way for artists who have created work in Adobe Illustrator or other mediums to import their work into Toonboom. It is possible, but not simple, and only in PDF. If I only had my work in Adobe Illustrator format I would be very angry with toonboom