Importing high dpi images

Hello! I’m using Toon Boom Animate Pro to edit a hand-drawn animation, which is going to be a short film. As it will be screened in big screens, I need to have the best quality in the image files. I have scanned the drawings in 1200 dpi, the image files are Bitmap. The image files are not that big, because I have also scanned in black and white, they have around 7 mb each. The problem is that Toon Boom Animate Pro only vectorizes one image, if I try to vectorize more than one the error message which says file cannot load appears. Is it a configuration problem or does Toon Boom Animate Pro doesn’t support that kind of 1200 dpi file? If Toon Boom Animate Pro doesn’t support 1200 dpi files, which resolution should I scan my drawings to get the best results?
I would really appreciate if anyone can help me! Thank you in advance

Thank you very much for your answer! I’m vectorizing the images. The vectorization settings are onepass threshold: 50. and I have the no texture checked. So you recommend to scan at 300 DPI? I also have a question regarding the vectorization setting no texture, I’ve tried with it checked and unchecked and I haven’t seen any difference, for a hand-drawn animation would you recommend to leave it checked or unchecked? Thank you again!

Are you vectorizing the images when you import them? If so, what vectorization setting? Black and White?

If so, then during the conversion process the DPI is only used to generate the vector line, and then becomes irrelevant, because the line will be a vector line. I usually see people that scan at around 300 DPI, I’ve never heard of 1200! Just imagine, that would be a BIG image. 1200 DPI x 8.5 x 10 = 10200 x 12000 pixels, for each image. That’s huge! HD is only 1920 x 1080.


The texture option is only for when you want to do the Colour style vectorization, so you can leave that one turned off. And yes, I think 300 DPI should be more than sufficient.

Hope this helps!