Importing Hand drawn animtion

I am scanning and vectorizing hand drawn (ie on paper) and would like to know if anyone has any ideas about the best sort of settings. Should I use No Filter? I have drawn pretty simple line work with a brush and black ink. I like it’s randomness even when scanned into TB but I’d like to know if it will suffer from jagginess or if there are any other problems. I’d love any ideas or exprereinces you have tried.
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you can do a batch process through something like Photoshop to fine tune the brightness and contrast of your scans, that can help in processing. The fact that you’re in ink already should make it work well with no filter. I haven’t scanned pencil drawings in a while, though.

You might also benefit from watching this video demo as well.
Importing Bit Map Images -JK

Thanks for the info. The video is helpful. My drawings are very clean, but I am just looking at ways of removing blockiness, but have the benefit of vectorised drawings, and also the speeed of scanning directly into the program. I’ll look try the Photoshop way as well.


Hi RobHS!

I have tried little bit of everthing you are talking about. The best way from my own point of view when scanning drawings in B&W… is directly in to the program, not though photoshop! … and the filter is perfect in both ways… sometimes you wanna to add some and sometimes you wanna to smoothen it out.

“I have drawn pretty simple line work with a brush and black ink”.
It depends how thin the line is, but if you are using a brush with black ink i dont think you need the filter, just us the default value.

“I’d like to know if it will suffer from jagginess”
Yes… from my own experience… always… It only depends how thick the line is. More thin more jagging! With a normal lead pencil its pointless and quite difficult to scan it in B&W, but the best is using a black “filterpen” of some sort or a brush like yourself.

The best way to understand the filter is to experiment it a bit :wink:

And of course… if you have a Wacom tablet you can mix you work you are doing from scanning to drawing directly into the progam!D

As for images i would like to say its better to scan it to photoshop or some other program first and then import it to TB. Mostly as for my own experience is that i always need to work with the background after the scan before i import it to TB.

All Best and good luck with you work!

Thanks Marq.
The ink linework is thicker and sharper than pencil. Quite thick in parts. I’ll try experimenting with the filter, and I do have a Wacom for adding some extra bits. I’m still getting used to drawing with a Wacom tablet.
I’d rather scan directly into TB to save another stage of work (ie, going via Photoshop, then importing), but ultimately want to do whatever will look the best.
Thanks again for you advice.