Importing hand drawn animation frames

Hello, I have just obtained a copy of the Toon boom programme and I have no knowledge of it whatsoever. I have produced a series of hand drawn animation frames that I would like to film. I was told that this would be the perfect programme to use. If it is too complicated to explain over a forum would anyone know of any tutorials explaining how to do this? ??? ;D

Hi gregorski,

There are many ways to bring drawings into a computer. You can film it, picture it or even better scan it with a scanner.

A scanner is definitely the easiest way to go and if you are using Microsoft Windows, you will probably be able to bring them directly in to Toon Boom Studio. Mac is using a different standard and you will have to use the built-in tools to acquire the images before importing them into Toon Boom Studio.

Whatever device you will use to convert your drawings to computer images, there are two main ways to do this:

1- Use the TWAIN interface directly into Toon Boom Studio (1 step)

2- Use a third party software to acquire the drawings then bring them in Toon Boom Studio (2 steps).

TWAIN, is universal image acquisition interface that Toon Boom Studio supports. If you scanner or digital camera can use a TWAIN compliant driver you will be able to do this inside Toon Boom Studio:

To import as a static bitmap image:

1- in a image element right click on a cell in the exposure sheet and select Import Images => Select TWAIN Source.

2- Select your device. If not listed it is because it is not properly installed or not supported by the TWAIN interface.

3- Once the device is selected close the box and redo the right click and select: Import Images => From TWAIN.

And the TWAIN interface will open with the different operation according to the device like scan (scanner) or take a picture (Web cams and digital cameras).

To import drawings as digital drawings do this:

- The same steps apply but instead of using an image element you would use a drawing element and when you right click you select: “import and Vectorize” then select eh TWAIN source and FROM TWAIN to import.

If you don’t have a TWAIN compliant device you will have to do it in two steps. 1- Scan/picture /film the drawings in a third party application (sometimes comes with the device on a CDROM) then save these images as image files (like jpeg, TGA or PNG). Then you will be able to import the images by selecting From file instead of From TWAIN when importing.

I hope this is not too confusing.


Hi, Gregorski-

Steve Ryan has some very clear and helpful tutorials:

and one of them is specifically about importing scanned images.

Also, to get a basic understanding of how Toon Boom works, you should check out the Toon Boom tutorials:

Good Luck,