Importing GIF Sequences? Help!

I’m a total newbie to using Harmony 15 and I had a few questions!
I’ve been working in Adobe Flash/Adobe Animate for the last few years and getting used to this new layout is hard but my biggest problem is with importing GIF sequences, especially for animatics. I’m working on a project and I finished my animatic the way I usually do: draw each frame as a separate layer on Medibang Paint and import it to Photoshop to create a GIF sequence. Since I want to learn Harmony, I figured I’d just import the GIF and work from there, except I don’t know how to or even if it is possible! I can add my GIF sequences to Adobe Animate with no problems by just going to File > Import > Import to Stage > (my file name) but I can’t seem to do this with Harmony 15?

If anyone could help me I would be eternally grateful, thanks!

I don’t believe Harmony supports importing GIF animations, unfortunately.