importing from storyboard

ive recently got storyboard2 and animate2 and find the manual lacks information on this important feature.storyboard2 manual mentions the exporting to animate2 but animate2 manual says anything on importing from storyboard!
ive done a quick search here and found nothing on this
so i would thank you for any help on this.
may be i could search more carefully about library/simbols stuff but i relly got
surprised on how this feature is not clear for users.
good to be here
be back soon!

Hi Moska,

Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2 were released before Storyboard Pro 2. Therefore, you will not find the information you are looking for in the ANI and ANP User Guide.

An article is being developed on the subject and will be posted on the Web shortly.


pretty cool
one scene,one shoot
thanks Girls!


The article I mentioned previously is now live.

Hopefully it will help you.


thanks again :smiley:

The reason that there’s nothing on Storyboard import in the Animate 2 manual is because Animate 2 came out before Storyboard 2. :slight_smile:

When you do an export to Animate from Storyboard 2, it creates a .anim file. You should be able to simply open this .anim file directly in Animate, so no import is required.

If it’s not clear then let me know and I’ll try to be more detailed!


And let me just correct myself - when you export from Storyboard 2 it creates a .digital file, but this .digital file can be opened directly in Animate/Animate Pro.