Importing From Photoshop

I am new to Toon Boom, infact before this I was using windows movie maker to do my anime. Well here is the deal, I have looked ALL over toon boom and couldnt seem to find a button that allowed me to import a picture ie: GIF,PNG,JPEG. All i could find was import that imported Flash files. Can someone help me out here? ;D

Here’s the deal:

You can import bitmapped images (jpg, gif, etc, even psd) but you have to import them to an image layer. I think the second button from the left at the top of the x-sheet creates a new image layer–I’m at work and don’t have TBS here.

Once you have the image layer, you right click in a cel and select Import Image, navigate to your image, and you’re good to go. A little tweaking and you can use alpha layers for transparency (I haven’t done this). Once you import an image, you cannot edit it in Toon Boom.

The other option is to use “Import and Vectorize” to a drawing layer. However, this will turn every color in your image to either black or white. When I have a picture I want to use in color, and maybe still edit it some in TBS, I Import to Flash, Vectorize in Flash, then Import the .swf into Toon Boom. Sorta circuitous, but it mostly works…