importing files

I drew my artwork on Adobe Photoshop. When I import the .psd files some of the nuances are lost, especially some of the colors.

I thought of opening and re-saving the files as Illustrator files (.ai) and then importing them into Animate Pro. But when I do they are corrupted and only on one layer.

Any suggestions? I am new at this. ???

Which nuances are lost?

It might be the way you set your file up in photoshop?

I have never really had any significant issues importing psd.

However if i were you I would try to use toonboom’s drawing tools as much as you can. They are really simple to use.

Which version of Photoshop are you using?

Regarding colours, Animate doesn’t work in a particular colour space, so when you bring in files from another program, they may appear slightly different in Animate depending on which colour space you were using when you were originally creating the file in. However what matters is which format you will eventually be outputting your files to. When you export your final files, you may need to verify the quality of the colours on the final media - are you going to be exporting for the internet, for TV, or for film? You may need to do some overall colour-correction depending on your output format.

As for illustrator import, newer versions of Photoshop/Illustrator changed the way that they write the ai files, so we no longer have access to the information that allowed us to preserve the layers and such with an illustrator import.

As TheRaider says, the most ideal circumstance would be to work totally in Animate. We try to make our software work with as many other softwares as possible to support different workflows, but the reason that this can be difficult sometimes is because we don’t have control over what they choose to do with their software, only what we do with ours.

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