Importing files leads to black rectangles

I installed Toon Boom Harmony Premium 2020 recently and when I tried importing images, the imported image just shows as a black rectangle.
I tried re-installing the software, changing the import settings but it did not help.
I also tested if it only affects a specific file type but that doesn’t seem to be the case. PNG and JPEG files show up as black rectangles, mp4 clips have all the frames completely black. It also stops responding and crashes frequently.

I have attached a picture I tried to import and the result of importing it below.

The system I’m using is pretty good with 16gb ram and 4gb nvidia GeForce graphics card. So, I don’t think anything is wrong with the system.

Help, I need to do some assignments for college so solutions will be highly appreciated.


try using the import options “Keep as Original Bitmap” or “Import as Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing”.
You can find more information about importing images in the Harmony documentation:

I tried it but it only changes the shape of the black mass while remaining black.

Keep as Original Bitmap = Black Rectangle
Import as Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing = Irregular shaped black mass
Convert to Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing = Black Rectangle with some recognizable forms of the image as transparent

I did read up if I was importing correctly but it seems I have and this problem isn’t present in any of the tutorials or videos abt the software.


I managed to import your image properly. (See image with result and import settings)