Importing files in Storyboard Pro2

I’m trying to import bitmap files into the Library of a new project just created and it doesn’t seem to work. R-click in Library, browsing for files, click open and nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Yes, I have bitmap files saved in a folder on my desktop that I try to import them into my Storyboard Pro2 Library of a new project that I just started but it doesn’t work. I went back to my desktop saved folder, I converted a couple of bitmap files into jpeg and I notice that those work. So why is that? Is it too heavy, or it takes more time to load?

Are you trying to open a folder that has bitmap files in it? The way that the library works is that you can do an Open Library, which simply opens a folder on your hard drive. If all your bitmap files are in one folder, all you need to do is this.

The Global Library points to a folder in your My Documents folder. If you right-click on the RIGHT side of the window here, and import files, and browse for an image, then it will copy that image into the folder inside My Documents that contains your Storyboard library.

If your file is still not importing, what file type are you trying to import? Do you get an error message? If you try to Import Image as Layer, does it import?


Is it that the thumbnails don’t show up in the library? Or that when you drag and drop them in, nothing comes? Does it create a layer with no content or does nothing happen at all?

If this doesn’t help, then perhaps write in to They could test an image that isn’t working and see if there’s something going on with those particular images.