Importing files from offline to online mode

How do I import files from an offline scene to an online scene?

Go in the Control Center>Admin>Import>select the xstage file in the offline scene folder. This will create a scene in your database.

the xstage file isn’t visible from the import browser for some reason.

A student of mine did find a work around, however. He was able to create a library on his desktop, move his work into the library, and then import it into an online scene.

I am still curious as to why the import function isn’t working for us, though. Any suggestions would be great.

On what platform are you on? Mac, Windows?
When you go in the normal OS browser to the scene’s folder do you see the .xstage file?

This was an offline scene not a folder from a database, right? If it was a scene online they would have to Export the scene, not just copy the folder from usadata000.

It’s not still a zip, right?